Environmental Health & Safety


Our company serves a key role in promoting the principles of sustainable environment. Horsehead is committed to enhancing the environment through the following principles:

Be a Good Citizen:
We will strive to meet or exceed the standards set forth in applicable laws and regulations. We aim to be a valued member of the communities in which we operate.

Reduce Waste:
We will seek opportunities to recover valuable resources from by-products and wastes while maintaining a system that enhances the positive impact of our operations on the environment.

Promote Environmental Awareness:
We will communicate our environmental commitments to our stakeholders.

Strive to Be Better:
We will implement a system that continuously improves our environmental performance. We will drive environmental improvements by establishing programs that achieve measurable and verifiable results.


Horsehead Holding Corp. (Horsehead) Strives to be an industry leader in Health and Safety. We are committed to meet or exceed applicable Health & Safety (H&S) regulations, and the continuous improvement of our safety systems.

Horsehead believes:

  • Safety is a core corporate value, not to be superseded by productivity, quality or cost control.
  • Achieving our H&S vision requires commitment and leadership at all levels.
  • Following safety-related procedures, rules, programs and policies is the responsibility and accountability of each employee, contractor and visitor.
  • Enhancement of our safety culture, promoting employee engagement and recognition of safety excellence are keys to success
  • Resources and training will be provided to meet compliance requirements and conform to internal standards and policy.

Our vision is to achieve a workplace free from accidents and that is protective of health for employees, contractors and visitors.

PDF: Health and Safety Policy