With a production capacity that is expected to reach 155,000 short tons per year when our Mooresboro facility is fully operational we will be the largest producer of zinc and value-added zinc products in the United States.

The emergence of our state-of-the art, large-scale zinc manufacturing facilities ensures environmentally sustainable production of the highest quality for all of our products.

We are the leading environmental services provider to the United States steel industry. As a proud provider of state-of-the-art recycling services that processes industrial and hazardous waste, we strive every day for a healthy and enduring system of processing waste to recover these valuable materials while mitigating the potential liabilities of the environment and our customers. Through the years, we have embraced the global transition to a green manufacturing process, and will continue to remain on the cutting edge of growth and change within this industry. 

Our philosophy on quality is simple: “Every shipment is on time, ready for use, and meets customer requirements.”

To achieve this, we manage our business to provide for the health and safety of our people and protection of the environment. We also

  • Strive to understand our customers' needs and meet or exceed their expectations
  • Design and control our processes to maintain a consistent product quality
  • Develop relationships with suppliers who share our commitment to excellence
  • Compete as a long-term supplier of zinc and value-added zinc products through continuous quality improvements.

Our greatest investment is in our people whose integrity, dedication and involvement are links to our past and keys to our future. Horsehead's management supports these objectives and will provide the resources to accomplish our goal.

As a leading provider of environmental and recycling services, Horsehead processes industrial and hazardous wastes to recover valuable materials while mitigating the potential environmental liabilities of our customers.