Horsehead Metal Products

Horsehead Metal Products, LLC (HMP) in Mooresboro, NC operates the world’s only leach-solvent extraction-electrowinning process facility fed with 100% recycled zinc-bearing materials. Based on Modified-Zincex technology licensed from Tecnicas Reunidas and electrowinning technology from Asturiana de Zinc, this process facility represents the state-of-the art in terms of efficient, environmentally-friendly technology for producing Special High-Grade Zinc from recycled feeds. A lead-silver concentrate will be recovered from the zinc leach residue using novel brine-leach/precipitation technology licensed from Tecnicas Reunidas.

Zinc Metal is manufactured by first processing Electric Arc Furnace dust (EAF dust) through high-temperature rotary (or Waelz) kilns to enrich the zinc content from about 20% in EAF dust to over 60% Zinc in a Waelz Oxide (“WOX”) by carbo-thermic reduction. WOX, along with purchased oxidic zinc skimmings, are leached in sulfuric acid solution to dissolve the zinc, then neutralized with additional WOX to precipitate iron, silica and aluminum. After separating the solids, the remaining solution is mixed with an organic reagent to selectively extract zinc. The zinc-loaded organic is washed, then stripped of its zinc by contact with spent sulfuric-acid electrolyte to produce an extremely pure zinc-loaded electrolyte solution. This electrolyte is sent to the electrowinning cell house where zinc is plated onto aluminum cathodes. The cathodes are stripped of the zinc deposit, then the zinc sheets are melted and cast into Special High-Grade (SHG, >99.995% Zn) Zinc slabs and jumbos.

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