Battery Recycling

We provide thermal recovery for nickel-cadmium batteries using what the Environmental Protection Agency has determined to be the “Best Demonstrated Available Technology” for cadmium disposal. Recycling large industrial cells used by railroads, electric utilities, the military and telecommunication companies for back-up power can be accommodated in most cases. Small nickel-cadmium cells used in transceivers, portable power tools and appliances, as well as medical equipment and emergency lighting systems are easily handled

INMETCO is pleased to quote on processing the following batteries (U.S. $/lb.):

Note: Pricing is dependent on metal values that are continuously quoted on worldwide commodity markets. Check back frequently for a current quote.

NiCd Dry Cell Batteries PURCHASED at: Call for price

NiCd Wet Cell Batteries: Call for price

Alkaline Batteries: $0.25

Lead Acid Batteries: $0.35

Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries PURCHASED at: Call for price

Zinc Carbon Batteries (No Mercury): $0.25

Mercury Batteries: $5.00

Nickel Zinc Batteries: $0.05

Silver Oxide Batteries: $5.00

Nickel Iron Batteries: $0.05

Magnesium: $0.50

Manganese: $0.65

A sorting fee of $0.18/lb will be applied for mixed batteries in containers.


Batteries should be shipped in drums or secured directly to pallets. INMETCO’s Terms and Conditions prevail (STC1-REV#5). Transportation is the responsibility of the generator.


Pre-Paid Battery Recycling Order Form