The ceramic industry uses zinc oxide for many diverse applications. Ceramic tiles and frit enamels are probably the most well known.

However, zinc oxide also plays an important role in other applications, such as ophthalmic glass, varistors and magnetic ferrites. In decorative tiles, zinc oxide improves the brilliance of clear and coloured glazes. It is commonly used as a constituent in opal and alabaster glazes, improving their lighting properties and chemical resistance.

Zinc oxide exhibits a sharp transition between the nonconductive and highly conductive state with increased voltage. This characteristic makes it ideal in the manufacture of ceramic Surge arrestors, more commonly called varistors. Varistors protect transmission lines, transformers and other electrical appliances from lightning strikes and other sources of high voltage.

Zinc oxide also has a remarkable effect when incorporated into ferrites: the result dramatically enhances magnetic and electrical characteristics. This application is significant throughout the electrical and electronics industries.

All of the above applications require a consistently pure and high quality zinc oxide that can be depended upon from order to order. For decorative applications, appearance of the glaze is of the utmost importance to the consumer. For electronic applications, consistent physical and chemical characteristics must be maintained.

Zochem specializes in the production of high purity, high quality zinc oxide grades that can be depended upon to consistently meet the needs of the ceramic industry.